OMD E-M5 Vs G5?

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Re: for the fanbois ...

Kim Letkeman wrote:

texinwien wrote:

You can rest easy that you bought the bestest camera in the class

Indeed, I can.

After all, how could a G5 and a GH2 ever match one OM-D for the same price

They couldn't, in terms of dynamic range or high ISO performance.

The G5, a perfectly capable camera that no one should feel ashamed of owning, failed to leapfrog the E-M5, in terms of dynamic range and high ISO ability. This is to be expected, since the E-M5 used a brand new, more advanced sensor, while the G5 used a sensor that was several years old with slight updating in the meantime.


Excellent - seems you've seen the light. Glad to see it.

Of course, you and a few other stalwarts want to point out as often as possible that, despite repeated tests where images shot under the same light against the same subject at high ISO end up looking essentially the same after processing in Lightroom.

I and a few stalwarts are pointing out that those tests are subjective, and not proof of anything, since they depend on opening the files in Lightroom (a software that immediately applies under-the-hood adjustments to the RAW files opened in it) and they rely furthermore on non scientific adjustments made by a biased individual. You can't deny any of that, of course, since it's undeniable.

Enjoy your camera - it's a good one.

Oh my ... thank you so much

You bet!

But there's really no reason to get involved into a silly contest that you're guaranteed to lose - unless you've got an ego deficiency to compensate for.

So you think this is a contest ...

The title of this thread is, and I quote, "OMD E-M5 Vs G5?" Where I come from 'vs' generally implies a contest. Your behavior implies a contest, as well. One that you've lost, squarely.


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