OMD E-M5 Vs G5?

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I'd like to question

Anders W wrote:

Kim Letkeman wrote:

... according to Anders W ...

Thanks for that. We were all confused about your position

You are welcome. Some facts are not out of the way, right? Any of those you'd like to question?

The AF on Panasonic is more flexible and easier to change mode.

The dual control dials are not any better than the Lumix click-wheel. In my personal opinion the click wheel is actually better because with the dual dials in some mode one has to switch around either EC or aperture or shutter control, resulting in a confusing operation. With Panasonic clicking just works faster.

Furthermore, the E-M5 dials are not as responsive as Panasonic's. There's a delay between turning the dial and seeing the setting change value, and for me this often results in overshooting. Panasonic's dial is practically instantaneous.

AF eye detection on E-M5 is poorly implemented. It is way too sensitive. When one changes a setting in SCP it is easy to trip the detector, and that also takes one out of the SCP. In addition, the reaction is not that fast. In practice, nobody was particularly missing the eye detector when it was removed in G3.

Live bulb is a gimmick. It is rather difficult to use in real world. The number of updates is limited, and one has to have an initial idea of how long the exposure would be. Using the live bulb is an exercise in frustration. It looks cool when it works, but very difficult to set up to use efficiently.

In-camera tone curve adjustment produces pretty rough results. I really was looking forward to this feature as I prefer to shoot JPEG. In practice I find the steps to be too big and the results are overdone. Unfortunately, the EVF does not show the effect very well, and often it's hard to see in advance how the image will be affected by the curve adjustment. Again this sounds great in theory, but the practical implementation is poor.

Bracketing on G5 is much easier to access.

Customized modes are much easier to access on G5 than MySets on E-M5.

I think overall E-M5 is still a more powerful camera than G5, but it's benefits are specialized. The user better know exactly why they need the E-M5 over G5, otherwise there's no point in spending so much more money on it.


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