Epson 3880 vs Epson 3800 ?

Started Dec 7, 2012 | Questions thread
Roland Schulz Contributing Member • Posts: 547
In my eyes it´s not worth an upgrade...

My 3800 died and I had much ink left, there´s also still no competition with that footprint. So I got the 3880 since there is no 3900 :-(!
It seems somewhat more silent (my 3800 only had 670 pages, so not really worn), the ink had is teflon coated and it should not clog up so easy, but that was also never a problem with my 3800.
On my own profiles there is slighly more gamut, but I don´t really see a difference in the prints (printed same pictures as with the 3800).

A greater difference was from coming from Monaco Profiler 4.8 to the new i1 Profiler!! It took really long to beat the Monaco Profiler ;-)!

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