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Re: Heiner,

heinerpattaya wrote:

Perfectible wrote:

heinerpattaya wrote:

Hi guys,

sorry but I cannot see anything special in the shots by a Mono.

The photos are mostly neither sharp nor have an extnded range of white/grey and black tones.

I saw iphone monochroms with a bit of pp that were more exiting than what I saw fro the

10 000 $ Leica. I have the Vlux 3 and my B&W looks better.

A few days ago Steve Huff published B&W photos shot by a diposable camera, have a look, with my old eyes they look better.


Sorry again, nothing against the photographer, I have this problems with ALL photos I saw on the web by the Mono.

Best regards



First of all, thank you for your courtesy! This is not humor ... You expressed a sentiment without ever being aggressive, and you're quite right to think that I.Phone slaps in MM ... I respect your feelings, and do not know what to say?

I buy MM for its capabilities in high isos, and force myself to not shoot that "black and white ... I also know that digital will never be what gives the film in terms of rendering .. .

But now, I have not the courage, or rather no time develloper the film and the scanner then ...

All tastes are in nature, and I'm sorry if my pictures do no effect gives you ...

Best regards.



Dear Hugues,

I am reliefed that you are not offended by my comments, I am not in forums to get into fight with others but to move forward with the art of photography.

I am a huge fan of Leica, have nearly all LFI magazines, own 2 Lumixes with Elmarit lenses and for 2 months the V Lux 3.

The only reason (except the price) that I have not bought a ME or M 9 is that I am not sure if I can live without zoom.

I know, the best zoom are legs but what happens if there is a Klong (chanel) inbetween or you shoot on markets and there are boots blocking the way....

I know about the theory behind the MM but the result - not only yours- disappoint me a lot.

In my eyes the white-black range is limited compared with the traditional B$W conversion,

there is hardly anything to see in the "black" areas, no texture etc.

There should be somthing in these photos that I don't see as some serious photogrphers like the MM - what the hell is it???

My eyes are not very good, short and long, I have to wear contacts and reading glasses but according to the doctors this is normal for 52 years.

BTW do you hve any experience with the M 8 ? Could be in my price range second hand or should I wait for the M E?




the right combo for you? M-E with a 35 Cron, and small Sony RX100 ... You Leica quality with ME and 35 of dream, and zoom with your Sony camera as a backup ...
If you're high-isos, the ME is valid until 1250 isos for color ... For black and white you can work at 2500 iso!
In the hope that it helps you.



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