What do I gain by changing my beautifull Canon D5 to D6?

Started Dec 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Just wonderin'...

papparazzi wrote:

JackM wrote:

You'll gain a significant amount of resolution so you will be able to print larger and/or crop more. High ISO noise performance is better by about 2 stops. Also the center AF point should be much better. Most people find the ergonomics of the new bodies to feel better, and the build is superior. Micro focus adjustment for each lens is nice. The silent shutter mode is very useful and in-cam HDR is fun. And then there is HD video, if you care.

What a joke...

Better build...in Magnesium (1D)...yes the 5D has 1D magnesium resistance...vs the all mighty plastic of the 6D. Naaaa

...are bullet proof vests made of magnesium or plastic?  Either way, here we go:


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