Selling nex 7 for rx1?

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Have both (for the time being)

Alphamale77 wrote:

yea, that's where the urge came from after reading his post, i love that butterfly shot.

I was surprised to hear the Rx1 still living with cd type focus, i would thought sony brought over the 6 and 5r stuff over.

i guess Rx2 would be the no brainier for me, after they put in an evf and a better resolution back lcd. (hardware limits)

Did you own the 7 +24 zeiss combo? care to share some samples?

Only received the RX1 today, have owned the NEX-7 since it came out, and love my CZ24.

It will take time before I can compare the two, but I'm not likely to find anything that will change my mind. My CZ 24 has got to go to help finance this this thing. The NEX-7 will probably follow at some point (maybe when FF NEX comes out).

Having shot both of them (though only about a dozen exposures of the RX1) I can tell you the following:

The NEX-7 is super comfortable, but the RX1 is just more rewarding as a shooting experience.

The RX1 firmware is better than NEX-7 in terms of just about everything but focus peaking, which they crippled on RX1 to be on together with focus-assist only. While I love NEX-7 controls, Sony ought to make a serious update to realize its potential.

Ways in which firmware is better on RX1

  • Alpha style menus
  • Multi Frame noise reduction
  • User modes
  • Auto-iso in manual mode 
  • Out of camera colors are better
  • JPEGs are better
The RX1 EVF (purchased separately) is better than the NEX-7 by a significant margin, which is saying something, since the NEX-7 EVF is great. The difference appears to be more the camera than the actual EVF, but who cares?

Steve Huff reports that his AF is more accurate on RX1 than NEX-7 (and also at least as fast), though I haven't had time to confirm this.

NEX-7 hardware rocks. My main beefs with it are firmware related. Example: when I shoot in the street, I  need to make wild swings in exposure moving from bright sun to shaded areas. The dials on NEX-7 force me to spin too much since everything is in 1/3 stop increments. With the RX1 I can at least yank the aperture ring in one motion from f/2 to f/8. Try doing that on a NEX-7.

The experience of handling the RX1 is much more mystical and satisfying. It feels so precise. It is nowhere near as ergonomic as the NEX-7, but it is operationally superior. As far as fixed lens vs interchangeable--no need to go there, some of us have two cameras, some shoot a lot of 35mm FOV.

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