First try in studio (5 pics) - with family as models

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Re: First try in studio (5 pics) - with family as models

Sailor Blue wrote:

Nice looking family and they make good models. Looks like all of you had fun.

To insert an image from the web look at the tool bar above the editing area. There are three icons for inserting images on the right hand side of the tool bar. The third from the right is the one you want, the one with a globe attached to a photo.

You exposure looks okay and your models have given you some nice poses but the lighting is very flat. This is not unusual for a first time studio session, and is a simple lighting style to get started with. Next time you will want to start exploring and learning more lighting styles. Here are some references for you.

Portrait Lighting - Names for different portrait lighting set-ups in photography

Benji's Studio Lighting and Posing Tutorial

Benji - The Rules Of Good Portraiture in PDF Format for Printing

Benji - PS Technique For Checking Exposure (Portraits)

Ed Shapiro - The fabulous fill article

Ed Shapiro - Facial Analysis in Fine Portraiture- Corrective Techniques

How to Handle HANDS

Have fun and post an update from your next session.

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Hey SB-

Thanks for that "How to Handle Hands" link.  I read Page II also.  I never knew one could raise their hands above their head for a minute or so and drain the blood out of their hands and then lower them and the veins are less prominent, especially for oldsters.  I just tried it with my mouse hand and was amazed to see the veins pop out once lowered from holding my hands up for maybe 30 seconds.  They aged right before me like 30 years in 15 seconds.  Awesome tip, since I was retouching one 30 year old woman's hands yesterday and wondering why she had such prominent purple veins in some shots.  I blamed the lighting a bit then, maybe wrongly.  No doubt it affect legs too and their varicose veins.  I might tell them to "Stand on your head for 2 minutes."    Hands, wrongly positioned, can be a big issue at times.  I often direct them not to show me the back of their hands, but just the sides dues to veins, but they forget and so do I at times.

For the OP, your shot of the young girl is priceless.  Around here, studios go for $75/hour and up.  Some are by the day only for $750 to $2,000 on some movie sets, plus a $4 million insurance bond needed.  You got a bargain for $15/hr.


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