Shot Mamiya 645 with the D800E

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Double please!

f56andbethere wrote:

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

I love it. It's like you're channeling Doug Trumbull.

bigpigbig wrote:

If you only come here for the gear talk, you can stop reading now. This post is more about art and technique than gear.

Technique is the most important gear there is...

Ok, I guess a bit more explanation is required. I posted a few similar others in the Fuji forum, so for those that read both, I am sorry if I repeat myself.

This was shot using a technique I am working on. It is a bit complicated. These photos were taken in a darkroom of a Mamiya 645 on a turntable lit with an LED bank with bouquets of flowers for reflections inside a white box painted flat black on the outside with a metal slit embedded in one side while panning the camera vertically over a 4 second exposure.

I'm having trouble visualizing what you're describing. Would you care to share a more detailed description or pics of the setup?

I did some slit scan work last year, dancers. I used a small brass slit between the shooting lens and a relay lens. It sounds like your way could give me an effectively narrower slit. Of course, I have to build a "camera elevator"...

I hope you like them.

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I also would love to know what you're talking about. I've seen examples of slit-scan photography a lot lately but still don't grasp what's happening.

Can you elaborate or make an MS Paint drawing of what on earth is going on? Sweet photos.

Amazing photos. I want to set something like that up.

I'm all fired up about abstracts. I got to do some motion stuff last week with strobes firing through rotating filter wheels, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, that really turned out well. This slit scan stuff looks wild.

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