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Re: Capture NX2

Sunnyjim wrote:

I agree with Kormendi. Capture NX2 is my "go-to" software because I think the photo edits are superior. BTW IMO, NX2 does a better job of removing dust spots than photoshop. You have to first increase the image size to 100% then use the "Auto Retouch Brush", it blends better without leaving a trace.

I glad someone else mentioned that little tidbit.  I thought Capture NX2 was far better at cleaning up skin moles, etc. than Photoshop CS6 that leaves a trace in so far as it removes all texture from the skin too.  Often I have to go back in and add some "Noise" to the spot CS6 removes.  The Capture NX2 does far better, imho, also.

The "Color Control Points" in it are superior to anything PS offers too.  If you have some multiple source of colored light, it really can do wonders:  Blue skylight in hair.  Green grass color reflected on legs.  Some red wall color cast.  Uneven skin colors.  Uneven contrasts or saturations. Cool area vs. warm.  Etc.  It's a very handy addition. Trying to fix it all in PS is a major slow-down pain.

Capture NX2 also runs with Nikon Adobe RGB (I think?) which is better optimized for Nikon over the standard Adobe 1998 RGB.  I haven't been too keen on the output colors from Lightroom 4 using Adobe's RGB or ProPhoto profile. I'll go with ProPhoto TIFF in PS CS6, but only after Cap. NX2 has done it's initial work as it read the camera settings better than Adobe too.

That all said, Capture NX2 still is a finicky program and you may need 8-12GB of RAM for it not to crash on you if you work with large files like out of the D800 series.  I only had 6GB and it would often crash or freeze and the RAM load was up to 5GB when it happened.  I bumped it up to 12GB and it works 95% better.  Likes a good video card with a lot of RAM too.


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