The LX7 is miles ahead of LX5, XZ-2, etc

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Re: The LX7 is miles ahead of LX5, XZ-2, etc

Gary S wrote:

ericN2 wrote: ... we all have our likes & dislikes..or at least we each choose what WE feel is best for OUR uses, and it's likely that is quite a good choice

That is a very key point in not only your own posts, but other people too.

Very little in these forums irks me, but one thing that does is people who directly say or imply this: 'My choice is the best choice, and if all you people don't agree then you're just plain wrong.'

Consider the people who love to shoot wider at 24mm, and rarely have a need to shoot above iso 400 or 800 with a fairly fast f1.4 or f1.8 lens. The RX100 would not be a logical choice for them, nor would other cameras that start in the 28mm range.

That feature is just one example, of course there can be others depending on the needs or preferences.

Thanks for this sensible reply

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