A-mount mirrorless dropped from Sony's roadmap!

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Not a surprise at all

This is not a surprise at all. It's just a matter of time. Here are the reasons:

- In the history of dslr, the Canon-Nikon dominance have never been assailed in the film era or the digital era as a DSLR. In terms of strategy, there is a better chance of breaking this monopoly by changing the battlefield. That is in the MILCs.

- By going MILC, the playing field is suddenly even, or titled to those who went in there first. Why? Because the superiority of having established lenses goes away. You have to build a new lineup anyway for MILC. There are many reasons for this - a) shorter flange distance; b) the need for newer motors to accomodate silent and fast focusing for video; c) the same need for new motors in the newer lenses to accommodate the hyrbrid AF; d) you will employ newer IS/OS/VR anyway, so why maintain the old format?

- For Sony or any other company to maintain 2 formats is expensive and wasteful. Better bet on the new E mount and create a new system. The A mount is going to be updated anyway for the future, but then again...

- If the future is MILC, why build and update A mount lenses? Best to take the hard road now and not bleed and focus on a single mount.

- SLT's, and DSLRs will never be able to keep up with MILCs for the simple reason that you have to have that mirror box, a flipping mirror (or in slt still that space being used). If the future is being able to shoot at 1/120 and up frames per second when a global shutter is finally realizable, the DSLR format is indefensible.

There is a lot to be done to realize this future. But the no. 1 reason is to be able to be no 1 or 2 and topple Nikon and Canon. That can never happen if the DSLR mentality/architecture is to be defended. Besides, at the rate of change, we are talking 5-7 years before the reality of the irreversible trend of DSLRs decline become a reality. It's not as if this is a new phenomenon. This has happened before when film was supplanted. The same will happen when DSLRs will reach a point where the MILCs momentum snowball and reach a critical mass that is irreversible. If Sony is still investing too much in the alpha mount, they too will share that baggage. Best to slowly turn off the spigot gradually.

The stop development of 35FF alpha mount MILC is a clear signal of this strategy. It does not mean that we won't see an SLT next year. We will. The transition should still be done intelligently and in proper timing. E mount MILCs need to improve and show their mettle to be worthy of this confidence.

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