Full 24mp image from Tokina 12-24mm on a D600???

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Re: Full 24mp image from Tokina 12-24mm on a D600???

schaf wrote:

I am a bit perplexed. My dad has recently purchased a D600. He has used the Tokina 12-24mm with it, which is a DX-format lens. He has the camera set to use DX crop mode. Yet the images I have seen from this combo are coming in as FULL 24mp images (as indicated by the EXIF data) with NO vignetting. Detail, color and contrast are precisely what you would expect from this lens.

This makes no sense at all to me. How is this even possible?!?!?!? Theses should be the roughly 10mp or so DX cropped images, not 24mp images. Ok...not like he is complaining about it though.

Is anyone else using this combo? Are you getting full 24mp images?

Thanks in advance,


I'm not familiar with that lens specifically but many DX wide angle zooms will cover the FX sensor at the longer focal lengths.  Are the pictures closer to the 24mm end than 12mm?  It shouldn't cover the frame at 12mm.

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