Canon 5d iii, prices

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Re: Canon 5d iii, prices

I am so aggravated on the way that primotronix has handle my order! Poor Customer service and no delivery. It all started with an order that I place for Cyber Monday (nov 26)for a Nikon,after days of trying to contact them and receiving no answer and no calls back(even after I emailed them) I decided to post a negative review on line on,the second I posted it someone was calling explaining that there was a problem with the lines and the emails and everything, and that in order to get my camera shipped i needed to update that review;so I did. Big mistake! They called me again a couple of days later saying that they didn't have the correct credit card number; So I gave it to them again; (in the mean time I posted another negative review) waited and waited, now someone from the billing department called me asking me again from my CC number, and I gave it again(dec 4) , this time they charged it, but it was for a company named BEST PRICE PHOTO. I got a nasty called today from a blocked number; with a nasty tone explaining to me that my order was shipped and that i had to take down the review if not they were going to cancel it! So I told him go ahead and cancel it! He then proceeded to Insult me calling me Stubborn, and how wrong I was and then he hung up the phone on me. I Honestly think that all their goods are stolen and that's why it took them so long. If you read all the other reviews they are horrible! something must be done. THEY HAVE CHARGED MY CC on dec 4th, it is now the 11th AND I have still not received anything!

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