your bet on when new d800 firmware drops and contents?

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Re: your bet on when new d800 firmware drops and contents?

Peter Jonas wrote:

djsphynx wrote:

Peter Jonas wrote:

earlgreyhot wrote:

oh c'mon. nothing needs to be fixed? AF-C studders? what about things that arent "fixes" but are more likeenhancements like D4 style movie record button reassignment?

Historically Nikon has a record of not providing enhancements to DSLR cameras via firmware update.

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Peter Jonas

I thought they did provide enhancements for the D70, the D2h and the D2x no?

They might have done. As earlgreyhot so kindly pointed it out there may also have been one for the D3.

I have been closely following Nikon DSLR developments since about the middle of 2005. Since that time Nikon has released the following DSLRs in that order:

  1. D70s
  2. D50
  3. D200
  4. D2Xs
  5. D80
  6. D40
  7. D40x
  8. D300
  9. D3
  10. D60
  11. D700
  12. D3x
  13. D90
  14. D3000
  15. D300s
  16. D5000
  17. D3s
  18. D3100
  19. D7000
  20. D5100
  21. D4
  22. D3200
  23. D800/E
  24. D5200
  25. D600.

Out of those 25 camera types it appears only the D3 has received feature enhancements via a firmware upgrade. There have of course been firmware updates for most of the other cameras, but I am not aware that any of them included feature enhancements. They were mostly for bug fixes.

So, while in the case of the D3 (and perhaps some earlier types) there has been a precedent for feature upgrade via firmware. I think it is afe to say that historically Nikon has a record of not providing that for most of their DSLRs released in the past 7 and a half years.

It is not impossible, but highly unlikely that Nikon will do so in the case of the D800.

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Peter Jonas

Some features found on the D70s were brought to the D70 via firmware, ditto for D2hs -> D2h and D2xs -> D2x

Though it's still a small amount, we can always hope


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