Walk-around lens for NEX?

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Re: Great idea:)

Bruce Oudekerk wrote:

santiclaws wrote:

Another option to consider is adding a good Alpha zoom like the 16-80 with the LA-EA2 adapter. The adapter is surprisingly small and comfortable in use if you use the old-fashioned hold with the left hand under the lens. You lose some of the advantage of the smaller size, but I think it would still be less than half of the weight of the A850 with the 28-135 and much, much smaller.

Super answer and I actually hadn't considered it. That would also give me PD focus and the ability to use my other a-mount lenses althopugh the Nex7 on the end of the 70-300G would be just plain weird...or not with the 1.5 FOV:)

Hmmm...this is really a great idea although you just bumped my entry level price point up considerably. I suppose in the short term I could make due with my 28-75 f.2.8 or even the super sharp tiny Minolta 35-70 f4.0. The e-mount equiv might even come out before I'd save the cash to get the 16-80 CZ. Its a win-win all around.

Christmas is coming Santiclaws:) Hint, hint.


If you are considering going that route, the Sony 16-105 and 18-135 are both much cheaper than the 16-80 and don't give up a whole lot in image quality, if anything, from what I've read. Of the three, I've owned the 16-105 and was quite happy with it. It's a bit on the slow side, but if you're going to use it outside primarily that should not be a big concern.

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