40/2.8 or 50/2.5 macro?

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Re: 40/2.8 or 50/2.5 macro?

Pixelhater wrote:

Which is the sharpest of the two? And which is the best?

Oh, Fullframe all the way.

  • Which one is the sharpest? I would tend to say the 50mm macro (from my very limited try at the store)
  • Which one is the best? For what? By far the 40mm f/2.8 and this has almost nothing to do with the optics. When making photos of people, people feel much more relaxed with the 40mm. The camera becomes like a slightly bigger point and shoot. People has much less scared, especially when I explain that I use it in the Professional mode. I use it for indoor portraits and for street photography, and now it's on sale for $150. I paid the full price 3 month ago:-( Good optics and fantastic "cute" factor.
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