Cropping v resizing?

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Re: Cropping v resizing?

happysnapper64 wrote:

In beginners terms, what is the difference between cropping & resizing. Just a guess on my part: Cropping involves taking a percentage of the image to enlarge, whereas enlarging takes the whole image & enlarges it? If I am wrong, please educate me. Thank's in advance.

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Think of a single magazine page as your whole image.

Cropping is like taking scissors and cutting out that one coupon in the bottom-left corner you'd like to use, throwing away (or just leaving behind) the rest of the page. The size of the coupon has not changed - you just have less of the page than you did before.

Enlarging is when you take that magazine to be photocopied, and you tell the photocopier to make you a copy of that magazine page and blow it up to the size of, say, a poster or two-page spread.

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