Walk-around lens for NEX?

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Bruce Oudekerk
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Thanks everyone...

nrcole wrote:

... if your heart's set on getting a NEX to walk around with I'd recommend you grab a clearance body-only 5n on the cheap with the Sigma 30mm. That's the combo I like to carry around in my pocket the most.

That’s why they make chocolate and vanilla ice cream.  A prime lens camera offers ME nothing. (note the empasis on ME)  If i was given an RX-1 I'd sell it on ebay without taking it out of the package.  Great camera…not for me.  I'd have an extra $2800 burning a hole in my pocket and still no idea what to buy.

I love the functionality of FF and my 28-135 when outside.  I could make do with a 16-80 (24-120 FOV) in a NEX but anything less is a no-go.  I had an 18-250 for my APS-C KM 7D and it’s been repurposed for my son's a35.  Nice lens but i don't miss it and the compromises it entails.

The bottom line is that when I check my EXIF, I'm all over the place focal length wise and when using the 28-135 I seldom go 'OH damn, I'm going to miss the shot’ because of a lack of lens.  I doubt i would even use the NEX much indoors especially with the NEX7 EVF weirdness in lowish light.  When I go indoors now, I generally use my 28-75 f2.8 (18-55 on NEX)   And anyway, my old a850 is still better in low light than any NEX or m4/3 I might consider.

Looks like I wait for pie in the sky.  I’m not expecting a 16-80 f2.8 but rather a 16-80 f4.0 or f4.5 to keep it small.  In plastic that should be smaller and lighter than the 18-200 and that would be fine if it’s a good lens.  The NEX system has been out over two years so I suppose it might be premature for this lens to exist.  I’m just surprised so many here are confused I would really want this lens configuration… but …that’s obviously why it doesn’t exist.  YET:)  I might not like the response but that confusion in a round about way answers my question.


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