In the studio with the 70-200 f4

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Re: How Sad...

Fave Photog wrote:

rinsephotographic wrote:

Fave Photog wrote:

Why do you shoot 'in-studio' at f/11 when f/5.6 is the optimum and sharpest aperture for almost every lens ever made, and f/11 is always getting on the soft and ugly side? Do you have some odd need to get the back drop in focus, especially when such is a distraction?

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...and should only comment on aspects of photography with which you are familiar.

Another amateur 'know-it-all' with reading comprehension issues who knows nothing. You need to take your own advice, then 'rinse' and repeat...several times.

ok sport.

f/8 - f/11 is very typical for professional studio work with big strobes.

Are apertures of f/11 and smaller used on set locations where the entire set needs to be in focus? Yes. Are such small apertures used because the strobes are so "big" that the photographer is forced to stop way down? No.


Real photographers modify the light and do not compromise on the results by using image-degrading f-stops.

wrong again.

but you are right on one thing...a studio is not necessarily an ideal test for lenses

A studio is an ideal environment to test a lens, especially for flare, ghosting and loss of contrast. However, using a seamless paper back drop is not useful at all, except for vignetting. ​BUT​, the sample image has been cropped, so it can't even be used for that. Sheesh!

Like I said, this image is worthless 'as it relates to' demonstrating the merits, or lack thereof, of this lens. There's a separate forum for Studio and Lighting images to be posted for advice/critique/praise.

...most lenses look great in a controlled environment.

FWIW, ​All ​lens tests are conducted under controlled conditions. That's what makes such tests useful. This image, however, was taken in an uncontrolled environment by the OP's own admission. Recall that he stated he was forced to use the uncommon f-stop of 11 due to his not being able to control his environment.
As such, out of ALL the possible images he could have posted to demonstrate how good this lens is, why post this one - a CROPPED image, nevertheless - that demonstrates nothing?

All things being equal, though, only great lenses produce great technical results, regardless of the environment. Is this lens sharp and contrasty, etc? I'm sure it is, given Nikon's reputation. But this image does nothing to demonstrate such.

still wrong. honestly man, i'd argue with you if it wasn't so obvious that you've never done much commercial studio work. you don't even know why what you're saying is so laughable, and that's why it says everything.

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