NOT OK: R3000 second print (ABW) - lot of regular linear scratches... :(

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Hold in place with elastic bands for 5-20 minutes, remove, fold all 4 corners and insert the media into the rear printer loading slot. Now preposition the media by executing the 'Load Paper' command, the media if accepted will move into the preload position and stop. Press 'Print' and pray!!

Sorry, not sure if I understood correctly what do you suggest exactly here and I don't know what to look for a "load paper"command: for rear tray you mean the sheet tray? In addition to the front and sheet trays I don't have another "real" rear tray. I have only a "little" rear tray shared for the roll and for the poster boards/fine art media when loaded from the front tray. Do you mean I can use this rear tray inserting a sheet from the back using the roll procedure in the printer menu but feeding the sheet instead of the roll?

It appears that the R3000 does not have a rear feed tray as just about all other Epson Stylus printers do.

I wonder if one for the R2000 would fit it? I t slips ontpo the same slots that hold the roll paper holders.

So to the OP, when we were saying to feed paper into the rear sheet feeder we meant into the same rear slot that the roll paper would have gone into.

This method of feeding would solve all your problems.

To Bob Petruska:

Does your rear sheet feeder from your R2880 fit the R3000?

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