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irvweiner wrote:

I note that you are still insisting on using the front load method. You have been repeatedly advised to use the rear load or the rear autoload slot for your media. Once your media has been successfully loaded the printer doesn't care what it is or was.

Thanks for your support, it's really appreciated.

As you have seen, I listen to all suggestion, and I follow it too.

The reason why sometimes I "insist" trying again the front tray is not because I don't trust the suggestion I have received here, but it's in order to get consistent results from my attempts and find out the better paper/tray/settings combinations. Once I have reasonably figured out all the things I can, I will stick with it.

Please, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm still not sure that the sheet tray is always the better solution ever, I don't know if there could be a difference in the angle/curl of the paper when is loaded in one way or in another and this could affect the final results depending on the paper characteristics.

In addition, unlucky, occasionally I have got some little border damage using the sheet tray with thick paper, because is not so "gentle" feeding the thick paper.

Yes, if the platen gap or paper thickness is too small, the paper may not feed. Many users of the 'Fine Art' have selected a similar matte media type just to avoid the extra large borders imposed by the 'Fine Art' media selection. Those of us using CM's or Spyders will create a new profile and name, not just to get a 'better' print but to bypass Epson's restrictions--and even get a better print.

Yes, thanks, I have understood, unlucky at the moment I have to stay with canned profiles, but I will keep in mind these things in the future for sure.

I'm glad to note that the manual folding of the 4 corners reduced your head strikes when you loaded front mode, and disappeared when finally loaded from the rear autoload. I repeat, attempting to flatten your sheet media by using heavy books won't do it--neither will driving over them with your auto!! A successful no-cost technique utilizes a cardboard tube (50-75 mm dia.). Cover the media sheet with a fine fabric material (against the print surface-for protection) and 'reverse' wind the fabric and media around the tube.

Wow, many thanks, I have imagined something similar but you was able to give me a proven full featured home made decurl technique! I will try to do it for sure!

Hold in place with elastic bands for 5-20 minutes, remove, fold all 4 corners and insert the media into the rear printer loading slot. Now preposition the media by executing the 'Load Paper' command, the media if accepted will move into the preload position and stop. Press 'Print' and pray!!

Sorry, not sure if I understood correctly what do you suggest exactly here and I don't know what to look for a "load paper"command: for rear tray you mean the sheet tray? In addition to the front and sheet trays I don't have another "real" rear tray. I have only a "little" rear tray shared for the roll and for the poster boards/fine art media when loaded from the front tray. Do you mean I can use this rear tray inserting a sheet from the back using the roll procedure in the printer menu but feeding the sheet instead of the roll?

Finally, please listen to and follow the recommended advice of those contributors in this forum--they have been thru 'hell' and back more than once when your present problem was their own problem in the past!

good luck irv weiner

Yes, I listen and follow, this forum is a treasure of proven informations based on real world experiences of brave "hell" voyagers and I cannot be more grateful to all who contribute to it.

I have to add that at the end of my little-big-already-started adventure I found on the net that a lot of people reported feeding/heads strikes problem with this "damn" loved Hmuhle Photo rag Pearl paper due to curled sheets/corners out of the box.

So I'm quite sure now that the problem I have had are not in the printer but mostly in the paper (and in the little experience) and for this reason I feel more relaxed and I'm considering to keep my pronter and going on limiting my choice to few papers, finding the best workarounds for the problematic papers and finally sticking to tested working paper/tray/settings combinations.

Many thank for the support, It is really appreciated.



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