The GX1 / G15 question ?

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Re: The GX1 / G15 question ?

Dimitri Khoz wrote:

riveredger wrote:

The minimum focus distance of the G1X cripples its DOF control for close ups and macros. Also at telephoto distances, the (much) faster lens of the G15 coupled with the shorter MFD allows it to blur the background a bit more than the G1X. Of course, folks can add a close up filter to the G1X, but that really negates the size advantage of using a compact camera.

Yes, G15 can compete with G1X in terms of DoF only in super-close macro mode.

I do not have close-up filter,

however in macro mode G1X gives me soft and creamy blurred background.

Canon G1X - Macro at the long end of the zoom

Canon G1X DoF at the long end of zoom

Canon G1X Subject separation at the long end of zoom

And even when we need to get bigger subjects, mighty Canon G1X delivers solid performance, impossible for any modern small/medium sensored compact.

Canon G1X at 80mm + Portraiture PP

Canon G1X - Head & Shoulders

Canon G1X - Playing with DoF

Canon G1X - Subject separation at the long end of the zoom

Here is DoF test I made on the 2nd floor of my house

Canon G1X - DoF Test

Here is practical result I got while doing Museum photo-shoot

Canon G1X - DoF in action

With macro filters G1X will deliver even better results, rivaling full frame cameras equipped with bright primes.

I think 250D close up lens will be a perfect Christmas present for my aging G1X.

Wow, the IQ/color doesn't look too hot and look very soft also.

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