Walk-around lens for NEX?

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Bruce Oudekerk
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At least try a prime like the sigma 30 or Zeiss 24. Primes are so much nicer than zooms, in terms of ergonomics, IQ, DOF control and in lending a consistency to a set of images.

Been there, done that. I used to shoot pretty much exclusively primes early in my 35mm film days…28, 50 100 and 200mm. Now, the only prime I shoot with on FF is a 14mm manual focus lens. I have a fast 50 but rarely use it. Good zooms are very good and even my old 28-135 produces near prime quality sharpness across its range. To me the real advantage of primes is size, speed and depth of field but I wouldn’t be using APS-C if that last was mission critical. I really want to keep it simple with a NEX and would probably only buy one lens, if the right one existed. If the NEX 7 came with a good fixed 16-80 I’d think hard about buying it, and yes, I know it’d be well over 2 grand for that camera. There is probably a niche for this…after all the RX1 exists but even there I’m surprised it doesn’t have a 35-70 f4.0 variant at a somewhat reduced price. For that matter, I’m even considering a Canon G15 as a distant alternative. It has nowhere near the high ISO of a NEX but it has a fast and sharp lens. The bottom line is I keep coming back to the NEX7 for the TriNavi interface which in my estimation has no peer. I actually like it better than any current dSLR.

At any rate, carrying a camera with a prime is much, much too limiting for me. The relationship of foreground and background changes to much for me to carry a single prime and digital crop on even 24MP is not a panacea. At some future date, I might consider purchasing the new E-mount ultra wide angle zoom but nothing else, as I will not be divesting myself of the a850 alpha mount camera and lenses. It’s funny because my total switch from film to digital took place when downsizing from an old FD Canon film SLR system and went to a high quality but small fixed lens Olympus E20n. (gradually my digital system outgrew the bulk and weight of my old film gear <SIGH>) Now I’m thinking about more or less returning to that light weight, simple concept…even if the NEX happens to have a lens mount.

As an aside, does anyone here know at what focal lengths the 18-200 shifts f-stops from f4 to 5.6 and so on? That might allow me to use it in the lower half of the range if its fast enough and then put it in desperation mode up in the longer tele zoom end. I just checked out some reviews and it’s OK at the wider end. I suppose this bulkier lens might work…especially with the bigger body of the NEX7.

But the important point here is that Henry states in a post above that a G lens somewhere in my spec range is coming in the Sony 2013 roadmap. It might make sense to wait until this manifests before I actually make a move.


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