LX7 for $299, is there an issue???

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Re: LX7 for $299, is there an issue???

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This trikes me as strange given that it is a new product. I'm not very familiar with Panasonic (have a G12 and lust after the FZ200) but is the venerable LX5 preferred by Panasonic owners?

The RX100 is $648 (full price) and will likely stay there. A bit pricy for what it is to me --- don't get me wrong, I want one !!!

Is it just different corporate cultures --- I mean the G15 is probably still over $400 despite the price of this coming down.

Thanks for views and honesty. Newbie.

I don't think I'd try to read too much into it at this point. The cameras is brand new and while there are a few enthusiastic early adopters posting on the web, it doesn't really have a track record yet. And the discount has only been in the United States where it's that frantic time of year when retailers are desperate to increase their bottom line. The sales have been very short-lived, so they haven't lost much in the grand scheme of things. 3 months from now, most people will have forgotten about the sale, if they knew about it in the first place. Let's see what happens when the price stabilizes in 2013 before making any final judgments.

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A track record? Enthusiastic early adopters? One could say the same thing about the RX100 , but lets get real here. Both of these cameras have been out long enough now and both have long been tested and written about ad nauseum by the gamut of pro reviewers and rated at the top. Aside from nitpicking inconsequential idosyncrasies or personal preferences I don`t think anyone is going to argue about what these cameras can do or just how good they are.

Personally I think the small Sony RX100 with it`s bigger 1" sensor stole the whole show this year . It`s seriously dampening sales for all the competition even at it`s rediculously high price point of $650. Add to this the economy stinks. The competition needs to up their sensor size and high ISO capability next time around and meanwhile we can all look forward to the others lowering their prices . I think Panasonic is merely getting the jump on it.

Right or wrong or for whatever reason the low price , the one thing we do know for sure at this point is at $299 it`s gotta be awful tough to pass up.

I guess we'll see how far the stree price comes down.  One thing we agree on is the temptation of the camera at $299 -- which temptation I rid myself of by succumbing to it. 

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