Compare IQ NEX6 with 16-50 kit vs Sony RX100

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Re: Compare IQ NEX6 with 16-50 kit vs Sony RX100

I was faced with the same dilemma although admittedly I started thinking about it while already having the NEX-6 with kit. So I was trying to decide whether exchanging it for the RX100 would make sense in the long run.

There was this thread I participated in where I've done some calculations on the aperture on the two lenses. It appears that at it's widest the RX100 has a slightly larger aperture then the NEX-6 kit zoom, but as soon as you come off the 28mm equivalent it goes down pretty quickly. The NEX-6 should overtake it very shortly after and definitely beats it at the long end. The RX100 as stated by the other poster is at f4x2.7=10.8 at 75mm equivalent and the NEX-5 kit is at f5.6x1.5=8.4 at 75mm equivalent. The diff at the wide is very small with about f4.9 for the RX100 vs F5.3 for the NEX-6 with kit...although that's 28mm on rx100 vs 24mm on NEX-6.

But there are other factors that mattered to me:

Flash recycle time is incredibly fast on the NEX-6 with a full recycle about 2 sec, while on RX100 it's a whooping 7. Since often it is not a full discharge I can often fire flash on the NEX-6 at about 1fps where on RX100 you will have at least 3 sec average (i am basig this on the review I've read) Here's a thread where I actually have links:

No tilting LCD screen on RX-100. And it't didn't escape the video overheating issue what seems to be the curse of Sony cameras. I get the reasons but NEX-6 is the first one that can go 3 consecutive 30 min recordings (90 min) without overheating. I did a test myself in the room temperature of about 70F. I didn't even get a warning, although if it's in a hot environment it might still happen but should still be much better then other NEX or RX100.

And the obvious one, I don't plan on getting other lenses any time soon, but if down the line I do need them, especially for telephoto at least I have a choice.

But to be fair you're paying $400 more (assuming RX100 is $600) and loosing pocketability. Anyway you turn it there are trade offs, just have to decide which ones have more value.

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