LX7 for $299, is there an issue???

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Used it for a shoot today

I finally put the LX-7 thru its paces at a team holiday lunch. We had window seats so light was mixed as you moved further away from the window light. The pictures look great! Colours are rich, images sharp and were nicely exposed.  Out of camera JPegs require no work or sharpening.  I am impressed.

Default settings. Shooting in AWB and in aperture priority. Wasn't paying attention to the shutter speeds as I took images further away from the window light, so some images ended up blurred at ISO 80 and 100. Won't make that mistake again.....famous last words I was relying on this little cam and it more than came through.

The saying may be you get what you pay for.....but in the LX-7's case....the $299 really is a steal.



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