PC-E Why does Nikon let Canon crush it in this area?

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Re: PC-E Why does Nikon let Canon crush it in this area?

Leif Goodwin wrote:

bigpigbig wrote:

With the (very reliable) rumor that Canon will update its 45 and 90 til shift lenses, why does Nikon not take this market segment seriously and make some proper PC-E lenses? Even those that own them admit they are far from perfect.

Nice hyperbole. In reality Nikon makes 3 very good tilt shift lenses. Two of them double as micro lenses, unlike the Canon offerings.

I almost bought a used 5D MKIII just so I could have the 24 and 17 TSE! Then I came to my senses.

1) No 17mm

2) The reviews of the Canon (especially the 24 MKII) lenses are much better than Nikon.

3) The Nikon tilt shift functions are severely handicapped by the fact the the axes can not be rotated independently of each other. Also (as like Canon) they are limited to 90 degree tilts (i.e. no swing and tilt simultaneously).

I love my D800E and want to squeeze every drop of creativity out of it. I have ordered a Schneider 90mm TS, but would really like a wide angle as well.

Also, for those saying you can do it in post, you must not have ever used movements on a LF view camera.

1) You can not get a front to back landscape in perfect focus at f4.

2) You can not get a row of houses (or books or whatever) that recedes into the distance in focus while keeping everything else soft)

3) Without focus stacking, you can not shoot certain products to the standard needed in adverts.

4) Without throwing a lot of data away, you can not fix converging parallels in post.

For those that know and love TS lenses, they understand that there is no substitute in certain situations.

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