Does IS help with slow moving subjects?

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Re: Does IS help with slow moving subjects?

IS was Mode 2 for panning.

I've never found IS to affect focusing in track situations but I have to say that I'm usually doing AI Servo with continuous and firing off a blast of 4+ shots while tracking the subject with a single focal point and a pretty small aperture (F/8.0 to F/11.0).  So if it did impact focus a little, I probably  wouldn't know.

I choose those shutter speeds at that point on the track because the bikes are coming straight at me and will get much less background blur than if they were moving parallel to the plane of focus.  I'm trying to get as much background blur as I can.  The wheels are virtually impossible to freeze.  I once shot on the straight where they reach speeds of 160+ mph and I couldn't get the wheels frozen at 1/16000 with my old 1D.  At the point on the track in that shot they are coming from a section of track where they will reach speeds of 135+ mph and brake to 70-90mph and I have wheel blur at even high shutter speeds.


Limburger wrote:

Thanks Don,

What's your opinion on IS affecting AF? (In your photo the subject is moving closer to you).

Did you change IS mode since your took a panning shot?

Did you choose these shutterspeeds (1/80-1/120) to keep the wheels (speed) turning? Higher shutters would freeze the wheels making it a different photo changing the background as well imo.

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Cheers Mike

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