So which is better? "GH3" or OM-D?

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Re: GH3 v. EM5 (v. E5 v. XE1) . . . it depends


no prob.. . I have followed many of your posts and comments over at 1023 and have also had FF N & C bodies.  Don't get me wrong, I like the EM5 but I would be a lot happier w GH3 or XE1 sized controls

Also I am beginning to think that IBIS is critical.  With an OVF, tbere are advantages with in lens stabilization, so that one can see the effect and better lock the camera to the subject, whereas with an EVF even with IBIS the effect is present on focusing. . . the lenses end up lighter, cheaper and with fewer compromises.  I think Pan should adopt IBIS for their newer bodies.  The absence of IBIS (and the GH3 instruction manual) are the only downsides to the GH3 (for its target market)

As for using EM5 sans grip, I have tried and it is ok with the 12, 60, 8, etc but with the Pan zooms 12-35, 7-14, 45-175) the grip feels more comfortable.  Interestingly I also shoot with the XE-1 with primes and zoom without the grip, so it may have more to do with the overall button placement and ergonomics.


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