Canon 7D and the Canon 400mm 5.6 lens and auto focus

Started Dec 11, 2012 | Questions thread
Don Daugherty Contributing Member • Posts: 641
Re: Canon 7D and the Canon 400mm 5.6 lens and auto focus

I've used the 100-400 with 1.4x teleconverter on both 1 series bodies and on the 7D (with taped contacts).  The 7D auto-focusing at F/8.0 is not optimal.  It was very slow and missed a lot (especially compared to the 1D's).

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jim edy wrote:

I have the Canon 7D and the Canon 400mm 5.6 lens. I could never shoot the auto focus and only in manual with the 1.4 Kenko C-AF Tele Plus teleconverter. Yesterday I was shooting and a guy had a Canon Mark?? camera and the 400 5.6 and he said he has auto focus but only with the single point focus? Is this possible with the Canon 7D and how do I make my camera settings. This has been bugging me for a couple of years and under the situation we had yesterday I could not get to ask him hwo he sets his camera. Any help here?



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