A lens conundrum, and some advice, please

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Re: A lens conundrum, and some advice, please

OntarioJohn wrote:

It's not been stated what you'd use it for? You say you don't get out much, that's my problem, often it's just motivation and the excuse. The dog sure wants to go!

Over 60 and disabled, the mere thought of getting out when it's 0C, but sunny, and trying to figure out what I might shoot is enough of a puzzle.

However I'd better soon get my backside out of the house.

So will you be taking stills at home? Football at old Trafford? figure skating? Basketball? This might change the equation. I think there are more than enough shots of the changing of the guards.

I was taking shots of instruments recently. I just need more of them, without the outlay. Maybe the person bearing gifts wants to buy John a nice Besson Imperial 4 valve Euph!

Or not.

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London, Ontario, Canada.

Let's see

I am a scientist ( a professor, biochemist) and I spend typically 14h a day working. My relaxation has (paradoxically) to be quite demanding, and I like the technical challenge of photography. I also would love to have the natural ability to see a great shot then capture it - I am constantly wowed by the quality and surprise in shots taken and shown here. So, I am also striving to 'see'. As a scientist, I am bothered by my all too frequent photographs that are technically limited. Artistically limited I can live with. I can't play the piano either!

And, shots of instruments. Well, I like to take shots of the (VERY) expensive kit we have in the lab. They mostly end up as 600 x 800 pixel web images - I could use my iPhone for that! But, somehow  the flexibility of the dSLR gives you far more options.

So, I am happy to won a superlative camera and am comfortable with the possibility of superlative glass as well ('before my angel changes my lens roadmap'...LOL!).


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