What's with imperial sensor size units?

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Re: What's with imperial sensor size units?

Andy Westlake wrote:

filmrescue wrote:

What's with having having a fraction with a decimal point on the denominator that indicates the sensor size.


Can't we just have a far less confusing metric number.

We (almost) always provide the sensor's dimensions in mm too, which hopefully fits the requirement for a 'far less confusing metric number'.

I realise it's extra work, but if that could be included systematically it would help, there are still lots of places where the old fraction only is given ...

E.g. in the Compared to PowerShot S95 - key differences list:


In chart:


Excellent reviews and info nonetheless.

Is it too early to simply drop the old number?

Would a diagonal measure be a good idea for all these compact camera sensor sizes?  Or an area value in square mm?

P.S. I do miss the old pixel density value on the DSLRs 

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