Advice to clearly photograph objects about 10mm in size from ~100 meters

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Re: Advice to clearly photograph objects about 10mm in size from ~100 meters

Gary_Scotland wrote:

...What came to my mind was.........if you can't get to the beetles, can the beetles come to you? Perhaps there are some in captivity that you could use for the photographic part of your assignment. Or maybe there is some way of attracting them into a more easily accessible environment allowing you a much easier task....

I think getting the beetles nearer has some possibility. You said they're attracted to some kind of food that grows in the trees that are in a protected spot. Can you attract them closer by putting out that kind of food outside the protected area? I'm assuming you are studying the beetles in the wild and not in captivity. Being close to a natural food source would make it possible to attract some beetles with an artificially introduced source.

If you can get them closer, your setup costs will be much lower, not to mention the challenges of getting a good photo in low light (dusk?).

I guess another consideration is getting the photo to show the pattern on the wings. Are the wings visible at all times or are they folded up when resting? Are the wings only visible in flight when the beetle is in motion? I'm assuming you have several different kinds of beetle and you want to count the particular one you're studying? So how distinctive is the pattern? Is it easily distinguished from other types in a blurry photo?

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