Canon 900o refill: Precision Color or OCP?

Started Dec 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
rodbam Veteran Member • Posts: 9,046
If you are using Canon profiles

Then you can't go wrong with IS inks from Precision Colors. I could not tell the difference between a print made with Canon ink & the Image Specialist inks, the match is very close. I also mixed the IS inks with the Canon inks by refilling the OEM cartridges as they run out of OEM ink & the shots still looked great. I print A3 & A3+ so any real differences should be easily seen & there weren't any to my eyes.

In Europe Octoink in the UK is a reliable supplier of IS inks.

I haven't used OCP but find the costs of IS inks so low compared to Canons inks that any further savings haven't entered my head.
Regards Rod

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