Possible 7D mkII Spec.

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Re: Possible 7D mkII Spec.

hjulenissen wrote:

40d_dane wrote:

Well if you don't mind carrying around a lot of extra data that doesn't really give you any benefit be my guest. I prefer being more sensible about things. And it's not like getting all the excess data isn't without cost.

We don't know the cost. My assumption is that in time, that cost will approach zero. A 4GB memory card often does not cost twice that of a 2GB memory card.

The question then is: would you (at some time in the future) accept a certain increase in quality for a certain increase in cost? I shoot raw files and use quality optics, so I seem willing to "pay" (monetary and otherwise) for quality that many non-photographers finds minute.


You are asking a purely hypothetical question. I'm willing to pay for what makes sense. Regarding lenses... my most used lens is a EF 500mm f4 L IS. So I'm willing to carry around a lot of weight when it makes sense.

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