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Re: I guess I don't understand ...

richardplondon wrote:

mikes wrote:

My guess is...when you exported out of LR you had the resampling box checked and a number similar 1600 on long side activated. This will make images smaller but not affect point size of type when applied in any program. So, check your files pixel dimensions first. There will be a difference.

The two images above are both 300 pixels x 300 pixels. The one on the left is set to 360ppi, and with the typeface used, the 2 is roughly half the height of the whole line. The whole line at 72pt, is one inch high and at 360ppi, this is more than the height of a 300 pixel high image. So the 2 is more than half that.

The other image is exactly the same, with the same number of pixels (as the ruler shows), at the same zoom (as the document title shows), except "sized" for 72 ppi instead of 360 ppi. The orange 72 pixels high text is exactly the same. But the black 72 point text is now smaller than in the other image, in pixel terms.

(incidentally, the above illustrates one reason why 72ppi remains a common standard even though it does not correspond to modern monitors. At this setting, points and pixels are by definition interchangeable for specifying text; long ago when Macs had standard 72dpi screens and bitmap fonts were used, this all made even more sense)

To summarise: each notional printed inch (which is what "72 points" means) is naturally made up of fewer pixels in the image on the right.

Almost certainly, the output from LR and from Photo Ninja are identical apart from getting different ppi imposed - which is merely a default user setting that can easily be changed - at least, it definitely can in LR's output options and I presume it can in PN as well.


Thank you. Now not do I only understand but wonder why I did not think to check this before I posted this question.

I went into CS5, loaded the two tiffs and, just as you suggested, they were written at different resolutions, one at 240 dpi and the other at 72 dpi. When I set them both to the same value the text turned out to be the same on each.

Thank you again.

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