Just two lenses for everything!

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Re: Just two lenses for everything!

Jaykes wrote:

Pixelhater wrote:

So would the 50/1.2 and 24-105/4 lens be a good combo? For everything...

That's the combo I landed on. I shoot photos of my family, random events, and vacation photos. Over time, I switched from using primarily zooms to primarily primes. I went from a 35L/85 combo to the 50L and have been really happy. I use the 24-105 mostly on vacation or any time I want the IS for video. I've added a few other lenses over time, but have found that I rarely use them - that 50/24-105 combo really covers just about anything I want to shoot. If there's a "special occasion", I rent what I need (wide for Europe, tele for Alaska, etc.).

Do you shoot primes or zooms more? The 50L is an amazing prime. If that focal length fits your style/subject, get one. If you rarely shoot primes, it's not worth the cost. The 24-105 is a serviceable zoom, but not amazing. If you use zooms a lot more than primes, you can probably do better. I'd allocate my money and kit to how I shoot....

Well, I don´t shoot anything at the momentet. I have a 1Ds MK II laying around with no lense to it. I trying to find good deals on the used market.

Why do you want wide for europe? I live in europe so it´s interesting to know.

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