Possible 7D mkII Spec.

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Re: Possible 7D mkII Spec.

hjulenissen wrote:

40d_dane wrote:

So at what aperture does a 7D image become distinctly more blurred at the pixel level ? No it's not a hard wall. It's a limit above which images captured become increasingly more blurred. It's a very real phenomenon.

Of course diffraction is real. The PSF will get wider. The gains of increasing sensor sensel density will get smaller. But saying with any confidence that e.g. "21.3 MP for APS-C is the absolute limit, any increase in sensel density, no matter how large increase, no matter scene/camera settings, no matter possible future raw converters/deconvolvers, will bring any improvement at all" is not a statement that anyone with some rudimentary knowledge would make, I believe. I stress that my own knowledge is rudimentary, I am a dsp guy with photography as a hobby, I am not an image sensor/optics researcher.

That goes for me to - I'm a dsp guy too so I do know my stuff.

And diffraction on a 36 MP APS-C camera will be more of a problem than on a 18 MP APS-C camera. Face it !

A 36 MP APS-C will (everything else being equal) always be able to capture (at least) slightly more detailed images than an 18 MP APS-C camera. I dont see that as "diffraction being more of a problem". I see it as either saying "no" to slightly more detail, or "yes" to slightly more detail. If I can have that detail at no cost, I will take it, no matter how small it may be on average.

Well if you don't mind carrying around a lot of extra data that doesn't really give you any benefit be my guest. I prefer being more sensible about things. And it's not like getting all the excess data isn't without cost.

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