Possible 7D mkII Spec.

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Re: Possible 7D mkII Spec.

hjulenissen wrote:

40d_dane wrote:

Well, sorry, suggesting that a 200MP APS-C sensor would make much sense doesn't really add any credibility to your posts.

Then I suggest that you re-read the post where I mention 200MP, try to comprehend it, and discuss the subject rather than my person. Insulting me only makes you look like someone with poor arguements.

I didn't insult you. But since you seem offended I must have hit a sour toe.

And how many times oversampling does audio ADC/DAC's employ ? A lot more than a factor of two. And don't venture too far down the audio path. A lot of audiophile stuff is based on superstition rather than science.

Actually, the superstitious audiophools are using so-called "non-oversampling" DACs, with very dubious results.

The oversampling factor is really not the point. Even a 2x oversampling means that you can improve the total filtering function a lot (try designing an analog 20-20kHz passband lowpass filter that is e.g. 100dB down from 22050Hz and up. Then try the same when that stop-band frequency is at 44100 and everything in-between is the transition-band)

Your haven't thought this well through.

Well, that is not for you to deside. Feel free to offer arguments as to why I am wrong.

That's really not needed.

I don't care about image sensor performance at ISO 100. I never shoot below ISO 400 because I don't have the benefit of sufficient light for doing so. I care much more about DR and high ISO performance.

Well, that is your usage of this camera. You cannot base arguments about what is _possible_ in future cameras on what is _desirable_ for you.

Natually I base my wishes for my next camera on my needs. I would be a fool not to. I'm not basing any arguments about what's technically feasible on what I do or do not need in my next camera.

The benefit will be non-existent - most likely it will be a disadvantage.

Please enlighten me - are you saying that higher pixel pitch (everything else being equal) will result in worse pictures?


I'm saying that decreasing pixel pitch significantly below the 7D pixel pitch will be like crossing the river to fetch water.

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