LX7 for $299, is there an issue???

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Re: LX7 for $299, is there an issue???

Kevin Coppalotti wrote:

the market is moving to big sensors in small packages, panny is chained to M4/3. i see storm clouds ahead.

Which has absolutely bupkis to do with the LX7 of course. The LX7 just ran into a bad case of RX100-itis. Bad for Pany, good for us. Between the RX100 at $650, the X10 at $550, and the LX7 at $500, it was a tough decision with all sorts of tradeoffs favoring each of the different cameras depending on priorities. At $300 for the Pany, $500 for the X10, and $600-650 for the RX100, it becomes a MUCH easier call.

On your unrelated topic, I think the market for m43 gear seems pretty strong. But with their recent offerings, Olympus seems to be kicking a bit of Pany butt. They've been discounting their m43 bodies by a LOT and very quickly in the product cycle - Olympus prices have held pretty steady - I don't think the OMD has come down more than $50 or so since it was released in April. I think Panasonic is having some sales issues with their bodies, although they've released some really nice lenses in the past year that seem to be doing pretty well.

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