D800 vs MF Film, not a standard question

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I know there are numerous discussions as to which is better, film or digital and there is never an agreement; no matter how high the pixel count goes.

This thread is NOT about if d800 is better than medium format film.

My question is very simple:

I have d800, what should i expect if i try the MF or LF film photography?

For d800 i have to be allot more careful than i did with d90 to get pictures as good as camera can deliver; i suspect with MF/LF film my hassle will be even bigger. BUT, what do i have to gain in terms of DOF, color depth and overall clarity of the image later scanned to computer once i learn to use MF/LF film vs D800?

I am not interested in which one is better. I am not buying one vs the other. I already have D800. I am trying to decide if the gains from MF/LF film are big enough to go through the hassle of learning to shoot them.

Thanks ahead

The short answer is NO.

The short answer is YES.

What can you do with MF film that cannot be done with D800?

Everything you can do with MF that could not be done with 35mm film.

It seems to be that you have comprehension difficulties.

Read the post again.

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