It bothers me to see all the Canons and not Nikons at the octagon!

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Re: HOW does it affects YOU, ok

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What difference does it make what other people use? How does that affect you in any way?

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Because this event is watched by millions of people around the world and everyone is looking the pros using Canon. Is not good for Nikon marketing. They should do something.

HOW does it affects YOU

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I doubt it effects anyone DIRECTLY but it does have an effect. Like the OP said millions watch this so its advertising for free for Canon. If Nikon had a better showing it might have a positive effect on Nikon sales with more profit to Nikon. More profit more money to invest in R&D for better Nikon cameras. So there is how it effects ME. Not sure what to do but it is a good question from the OP.

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The best way to attract pros is to continue making good equipment, so they're doing their part. OP mentioned more "aggressive marketing" but pro's don't tend to look at marketing as much as amateurs unless you're talking about paying the pros directly or giving them free equipment. Canon used to have a pretty significant edge especially when it comes to sports photogs and generally people don't switch systems unless there's a significant advantage, which right now I'd say there isn't much of one for either camp.

I'm guessing those guys shot with AP/Reuters etc and they are given the gear from the agency. So... Nikon could be more aggressive with the agencies but then again, they probably don't jump ship that often since the cost of doing so would be too much (especially in a declining paid media market).

My 2 cents.

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