TC for 70-200 VR

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Brad Davis Regular Member • Posts: 236
Re: TC for 70-200 VR

sjprintz wrote:

I have the 70-200 VR as well and have tried the various TCs. I thought the 1.4x looked very good but going from 200-280 did not seem worth the cost of the TC. The 2.0 VIII was well reviewed withr the 70-200mm VR II so I tried it on my VR model. I did not like the results. I had to stop down to F8 or F11 to get a sharp image and the focus was a little slow.

I have settled on the 1.7 TC which is the best balance in my opinion - you get extra reach with good sharpness, just stop down a bit.


This is good advice.  This past summer I rented a 2.0 for a trip to Alaska (Version II).  This was paired  with a 70-200 VRII.  I shot manual and forced F11 under some pretty tough conditions using a D7000--some results were good.  Wouldn't call them super great, but good for the conditions.

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