New D600 User - Looking for 1 versatile FX lens

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Re: New D600 User - Looking for 1 versatile FX lens

Best option is 24-120 f4. Having said that, am curious if you are new to DSLR photography or Nikon.

8 years ago when I picked up D70, I too thought that zoom lenses were the ticket. That was until I picked up the 35mm 1.8g and it totally changed my perspective on lense choices. If you do a lot of indoor photography, walk around, people then prime lenses make a lot of sense. If you are doing primarliy landscape and wildlife then zoom lenses make more sense.

With my D600, I picked up the entire 1.8g series (28, 50 and 85) and find that I do not miss my zoom lenses all that much.

When I was new, I did not know what size prime lense to pick so zoom made more sense. However, now if a newbie were to ask me I would say pick something in the 28-50 mm range and that would satisfy most shooting needs and also give you flexiblity in low light and action situations. IMHO that is where DSLR excel when coupled with a fast lense. Any old camera can take good pictures in good light these days


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