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TOF, there is a "REASON" why NO Wedding photographer would choose the sb900 Now given a choice

TOF guy wrote:

Barry wrote:

The SB900's problem is fairly well known and lots of videos showing the unit shutting down not even pushing it that hard.

I've had a SB900 for quite a while (until it was stolen with other equipment) and don't need any video to know what it does. I knew exactly how many shots in succession would trigger the protection. No problem for me. And as stated before I've talked to pro (wedding) photographers who consider this a non-issue for them as well. So not all owners had a problem with this flash.

My own gripe with the unit was how big it is. Other units (including Nikon's own SB800) are not as big and it was not necessary to make it that large. Lots of pictures on the web showing how big it is. Could have been tested before production and I'm sure other photographers would have asked for a more compact unit. So what's the conclusion here ?

My own view is that the thermal protection and the size are poor design decisions but that does not make the unit defective. Nikon was not obligated to do anything in regards to SB900 users. YMMV.

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I think you have to seriously think about this for a second.

You have "talked" to pro (wedding) photog ?  that it is a non-issue.

Well, I am a Full time working PRO that works with other Full time working PRO's and they all think the sb900 $ucks ... and would NEVER EVER recommend it  over the sb910.

I would like to see a Serious Full Time working Photog Recommend the sb900 "over" the sb910?  Really?

IF, that is not happening  ... Something is wrong.

IF,  the sb900 is NO Longer Selling  ... Something is wrong.  Seriously.

And next you are going to be telling me that PRO's are buying up all the old sb900 (like some was doing with the sb800)

Sorry, I get  slightly irritated  when  a product does NOT work as it should  ... and people defend it ... even when it Quickly gets Replaced ,  For a Reason!

AND,  I am not taking about what other PRO's have told me ... I OWN  four(4) sb900.  as well as four "other" flashes.   Including some METZ.

The sb900 will go down in Nikon History as a Mistake , that had to be Replaced Quickly. It's PRO's that would overheat it, and Hate it. AND NOT Recommend it.

Even the lower power sb700  probably Killed the sb900 sales, so Nikon had no choice but to quickly release a sb910.  NO One  that  knew the facts would recommend it.  Nikon could see the writing on the wall.

There is ZERO Benefit that the sb900  brings to the Table that the sb910  does not do BETTER.    So, what was the sb900 designed for again?

The mistake that is the sb900 ...  "I meant to do that"


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