Walk-around lens for NEX?

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Re: Walk-around lens for NEX?

Bruce Oudekerk wrote:

I normally shoot with a Sony a850 and a (heavy) bag of lenses and would like a LIGHT camera-lens combination to compliment my other gear. I spend a lot of time on the forums on Dpreview, but not specifically here on the NEX, so bare with me if this is a much discussed topic.

My walk-around lens on the a850 is the wonderful old Minolta 28-135 f4.0-4.5.

Not very high demands - you should get good results with E35/1.8 and E50/1.8, but loose zoom.

Realize that the crop ratio changes your 28-135 to 18-90 on APS-C. The 1855 kit zoom gives you most of that range, but f/3.5-f/5.6 is slightly different (ok for exposure, different DOF).

I find this zoom range to be extremely versatile. I understand why Sony hasn’t replaced this lens on FF because it would be very expensive and have a limited audience. However, the similar-niche 16-80 CZ was one of the first APS-C lenses Sony issued and it has been very popular to the best of my knowledge.

It was high quality, the only choice for a while, but bulky and wildly expensive.

This same type of lens is in the E mount lens roadmap as a G lens.

While I dearly love my extremely sharp 28-135 on FF, it is heavy to carry all day and as I get older it miraculously gets heavier.

For me, as a walk-around replacement system, the NEX7 leaps to the top of the list except for one thing. The kit lens is too short and the 18-200 seems like I would be compromising image quality a fair amount to get this 'little' superzoom.

The 18200 produces very impressive images, even on the Nex-7 with the higher resolution sensor. It's OSS makes the lens easy to use and the images are sharp.

The two biggest complaints against this lens are its heft and slowness. At f/6.3 it is only useable in the daytime, practically speaking. Third complaint is the price.

So how come there isn’t a high quality 16-80 or 18-105 (or some-such) E-mount lens somewhere vaguely in this useful range?

On the roadmap for 2013 (announcement)

The very reason people might want the small and light NEX, lacks the one single lens that I would think would be most useful. It seems to me that this would be one of the first lenses I’d introduce for the NEX…not the last.

What am I missing here?

Try the N7 with E24 and be amazed.


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