Source for OEM Canon Cartridges for the 9000 Mark ii?

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My own way of filling the 9000 carts.

First run though of an OEM I drill a hole in the ink cart's ball-fill area near the "PUSH" on the label. Drill size is about 3x the diameter of the syringe needles I bought to provide for some air release else they will leak out the bottom port that feeds the printer and make a big mess.  Too small will bubble a lot of ink out the fill area and make for a mess.

When I get around to refilling, I plug in some $3 heat glue gun from Beverly's Fabrics and Crafts to reseal the hole once I fill it with about 10ml of OCP ink from  They also sell the orange caps that seal the bottom port tighter than the factory twist-off.  I used to tape the OEM twist-offs back on with 3M Scotch Tape, but these work better and faster.

Once filled, it will soak into the sponge so allow a few minutes for it to lower in the tank and refill up to about 3-4mm of the top of the tank, I put a blob of the hot glue over the hole to seal it up.  No leaks that way.  I've used the rubber plugs at times but they can get messy under your nails pulling them out and sometimes the leak (Store them in a Zip-Lock bag is recommended keeping separate bags for the colors, imho, of messes that can occur. Keeps them from drying out too.). Some will fit loose and then leak in the printer and fill the waste pad up quickly too.  So I favor the hot glue sealing approach for a better seal vs. plugs.

To refill the hot-glue blob tank, I slice off the blob with a single-edge razor blade and take an awl of small drill to the hole for the syringe again.  One ink place gave me a drill with the syringes with what looks like a plastic cork for a handle and it works, albeit it is quite large in size. Debris in the tanks is filtered by the sponge so no issue there.

I'll do several tanks at once, resetting the tanks too (I get once brief red flash, and then a solid red that I'll count to 3 and then take it off the resetter stand.), and use a separate syringe for all. Rinse when done with water and set aside to dry.  I'll rinse the tanks too under water and dry along with the syringes.  Unplug the glue gun and put it all away.

For 30 cents a refill against the $16 OEM ink tanks you can buy a ColorMunki Photo and be on your way to better printing. Watch for the annual x-rite rebate on the CM Photo too (about $35 to $50).  Their CM Designer is on rebate now but it's software is different than what you want for photos.

Good luck and keep the messes in the snk down too.


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