AF performance D600 vs. D800

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Re: AF performance D600 vs. D800

ZAnton wrote:

Hi everybody.

I am planning to switch from Canon to Nikon. The only question: D600 or D800?

I shoot landscapes, and portraits/family photos (including kids) in low light.

I'd say unless you're shooting sports, the D600 will AF just fine. I've had a couple of misses, but they were mostly my fault. I've had misses with the D700, too, so I know when it's my fault.

Why: I currently have 5DII. 5DIII has good AF, but has less DR then even 5DII.

Hmm. Are you sure? That would surprise me.

So my question is, how much better AF on D800 than on D600?

By all accounts, substantially better... unless you happen to get one with bad left AF sensors and need them to track motion, etc. Nothing's perfect.

Again, my experience, which doesn't necessarily match with others, but for family and landscapes, the D600 should be plenty of camera -- and then some.

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