Source for OEM Canon Cartridges for the 9000 Mark ii?

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Re: Source for OEM Canon Cartridges for the 9000 Mark ii?

ThrillaMozilla wrote:

mistermejia wrote:

When you drill don't pieces of plastic get into the container therefore clogging up or damaging the cartridge??

The turnings float, so they can't clog up anything. At least that's what happens with my cartridges and my ink. Your mileage may vary.

If they did sink, however, they could in principle impede flow into the sponge chamber, but I doubt if even that would be a significant problem. And there's absolutely no way for the shavings to get into the print head.

For the techno-nerds among us let me specify that the plastic (polypropylene) that Canon CLI-8 cartridges is made of has a density of just about 0.90 as compared to the ink density of just over 1.0 (dissolved solids in mostly water at 1.0).  So the drill turnings do indeed float in the ink.

If you flush your carts to remove all traces of the OEM ink (not necessary but often done) as shown in some videos, drill out the hole first.  The water flush should carry the turnings out through the newly enlarged hole.


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