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Re: Robin Training

Olga Johnson wrote:

Considering the ISO you used, those are pretty good though not necessarily tack sharp. Most of Ziad's images were at ISO 200 which means that he had better lighting than you did.

I also suspect that your birds were not as close to you as Ziad's. Did you have to crop a lot of your images to come up with the frames you did or are these the out of camera full frame.

How about some post processing? Some of these look like they could use some saturation and contrast adjustment. Did you do any of that?

ok - I've got a Robin and I'm going to train it.  So here's a shot, max zoom but still not half a full frame (I've now understood R2D2's 50% crop - taken from DPP!).  Anyhow ISO 200, poor lighting but I asked him to sit still a minute, F/7.1, a bit of extra saturation, not much.  He needs a brush to get that bit of seed off it's chest but at the moment wouldn't let me get any closer. Hopefully by the end of winter he will be sitting on the end of the lens!

Am I getting there?  Can't justify more that the 55-250mm for the minute.

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